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In My Bag: 2013 Edition

A girl’s bag is more than just a compartment. It is her identity, her life. It contains her habits, her needs, her wants. Some carry a ton, some can just get away with a small pouch. Others love comfort, some think style is always important.

I admit I am one of those girls who carry a LOT. Every time someone would dare carry my bag, I would always get a response such as  “Do you carry your whole room in this bag?”. I honestly don’t mind carrying a heavy load as long as I have everything I need in my bag. I always believe that it’s okay to bring it then not need it than need it but not bringing it.

Lately, I am so freaking in love with everything I have inside my bag – like every single thing is dear to me. So, I thought of doing an update of What’s in My Bag. I believe it was more than a year ago when I first did this thing. Everything has changed! (Click here to see my previous What’s in My Bag article.) I then realized that people change and so is the contents of our bags.

Anyway, without further drama, here’s what’s inside my bag:

2013-01-24 07.38.26

  • Bag from United Colors of Benetton, ironically the color of the bag is plain black. Love love love this bag.
  • Make-up Bag from Blue Magic where I keep all my cosmetics and beauty stuff
  • Umbrella from Phoenix to protect myself from the rain or sun. This umbrella is so pretty in person with pink and black mushrooms as its design.
  • Keys to unlock the doors of my life. (hahah)
  • USB memory sticks for my files.
  • Cellphone Charger because my phone is always out of battery.
  • Hand Lotion to combat dry hands
  • Rosary (inside a small bayong case), a gift from a friend last Christmas. This rosary is made of sea shells- ain’t that cool?
  • Feeling Fresh Cream Deodorant from Avon to combat body odor
  • Bench Body Mist to freshen up. I got this as a gift last Christmas and I’ve been using it since then.
  • Hair Brush because I believe that a hundred brush strokes a day can make my hair shinier. (wink)
  • Book. Currently, I’m reading the much talked about book turned into film, Life of Pi.
  • Flashlight for emergencies
  • Pens for jotting down notes
  • BDJ Planner to write down things because I cannot rely on my memory alone.
  • Wallet from Riviera, red leather one for sophistication and a little bit of luck
  • Hello Kitty Wet Wipes for hygienic purposes
  • Cellphone (Samsung Galaxy Y)


Well, there. You just have seen a piece of my secret so I really hope you enjoyed peeking. Till next time.

Chow chow.


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