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Tips to a Marvelous Much Relationship

I know it might be too early for a valentine post but my heart keeps on bugging me to write this topic so let’s just roll with it, okay? Besides, Valentines Day is not the only day we can fall in love, right?

Anyway, a lot has been written about the jargons of “how-to-love” but this particular list comprises of more specific, activity-driven advices that will help a couple make their bond stronger. I am in no way a love guru- just saying.  I am just a girl who happens to be in a long-term relationship (5 years to be exact) and just want to answer the question “How did you make it last that long?”

Based on my own experience, here are some practical tips I could share with you:

  • When you are eating in a restaurant, do not sit in front of each other, always sit beside each other. I heard from a well-known preacher that in a restaurant, you could really see the difference between newly-weds and old couples. Newly weds sit beside each other, really close, and no gap in between them, while the old folks would sit in front of each other, merely talking with a gap of a thousand tables in front of them. I am not insisting that the statement is true for most couples but I see the logic in there. Couples who sit beside each other are more intimate, they converse closely to each other and they listen to every word. I realized that this little tradition gives so much intimacy to a couple- so next time you eat in a restaurant, sit beside each other.
  • Go out and celebrate your anniversary, no excuses. This is a self-explanatory thing in a relationship because of course, anniversary is your birthday as a couple, it is the day you became official together so don’t ever forget that day. Go out of town, watch a movie, go to a park, have dinner together. Whatever you do, it doesn’t matter as long as you celebrate it.


  • Pray or do something spiritual together. If there is one thing I like most about my boyfriend is that we both serve the same church and we love to bond while doing spiritual things. We attend mass together, join prayer meetings, serve in holy mass. We even pray together every meal. Stuff like this keeps us closer to each other.
  • Guys, always make “sundo” and “hatid” your girlfriends. Guys, this gesture really makes a girl so special so do not be tired of doing this for her and she will appreciate it, really. I am thankful I have a boyfriend who insists on fetching me (even if I decline) and he makes sure I am inside the house before leaving. The gesture makes me feel safe- and that’s what every guy’s goal should be.


  • Always buy “pasalubong.” There is an old adage that says “Don’t go to a party empty-handed.” Well, the saying doesn’t only imply in parties but in relationships as well. Do not go to your bf or gf’s place without anything to give him/her. Bring food or little things- just buy a pasalubong and surely it will make your relationship as sweet as a dessert.
  • Never forget to greet each other every monthsary. My boyfriend and I always compete with each other for the first person to greet “Happy monthsary” to his/her partner. There is no price but the fun of being able to greet your partner first really makes the relationship tight. Remembering your special day every month is like attending mass every week, it refreshes you, it allows you to become grateful for the month you are together and the hope of more months to come. My bf and I do not really celebrate every month but we make sure we do remember that it is our monthsary.
  • Girls, cook for him. If you do not cook, just try. Well, I am not a good cook, I am not even considering myself a person who cooks but some times I would cook his favorite dish because I know he will appreciate it no matter what. If he loves you, he will consider it the most delicious food he ever tasted


  • Say a compliment every day. Say he’s cute, tell her she’s sexy. Don’t be timid in giving away compliments. Tell him how cute his hair is, tell her how beautiful she is even without make-up. Focus on the positive and you will have a lasting relationship.
  • Let her window shop, let him play computer games. The key is to let him or her do the things that she or he loves. I complained a lot about his love for computer games as he complained more on my love to window shop but we still let each other do those things because those things make up for who we are and we have to respect those things. Let your partner be the person he or she truly is and you will have a pretension-free relationship.

I hoped you picked up a tip or two on how to make your relationship marvelous. Every day is an opportunity to make our dream fairytale come true so my advice is to just keep working hard for it and make it a commitment. After all, love is definitely what makes this world go round and having a marvelous relationship is definitely something worth living for.

2 thoughts on “Tips to a Marvelous Much Relationship

  1. I love 1, 3, 7, and 8. 🙂 Even for people who are not in a relationship will relate to this, especially those who always want to show love and care to others. 🙂 God bless you both, Ate Che! 😀

    • Kring, so happy you liked my post.. You’re right! Anyone can relate to this article with or without bf…My fave in this list is the first one. We always, always (as in always) sit beside each other when eating out.. It’s our little tradition! =)

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