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Love and Be Loved (Dresses for Casual Dates)

I am not really a girl who wears dress often because I love to snuggle on the comforts of jeans but there are times when I set aside comfort  just to come face to face with beauty. I wear dress because I want to feel girly and cutie but never to be comfortable. What I don’t like about dresses is that it restricts movement especially if you and your boyfriend are using motorcyle as means of transportation. Can you imagine just how awkward it is to ride in a motorcycle –  parting your legs and wishing nobody peeks? That is, as if they will see something underneath since I wear shorts all the time.

However, the restrictions of dresses are the ones that make them perfect for casual dates since they define one thing: EFFORT. If a girl wears a dress on a date, it is an effort on her part to remove all freedom just because she wants to scream pretty and girly. All hail to girls who wear dresses!

So, today, I thought of sharing two dresses that I’ve worn in casual dates with my boyfriend. These dates are actually the start why I am more open to summer dresses nowadays. Photo0117

I wore this one for our anniversary stroll last November 14 and this dress screams leopard! I think animal print is the best trend as of last year and I can’t help but to join in the bandwagon. I love that this dress sits just above my knee and it has an elastic in the waist so I don’t need to mind wearing belt at all.


2012-12-08 20.41.39

This next dress is, by far, the cutest dress I own. It’s a purple dress with a doll dress cut. The design is like few years old but I don’t care at all as long as it fits perfect and I feel beautiful in it. I believe I wore this in a movie date- as you can see in the picture. See that buttons in the chest area? I told my friends they are on and off buttons of the doll dress.(haha) Aint that cute?

Well, I guess that’s just about it. I am really in the mood to flaunt my girly side and I hope this inspires you to show your girly girl side as well.


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