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Out with the Old and In with the New: A Toast for 2012 and 2013

As we bid farewell to the previous year, I would like to give a toast to a blissful new year. I admit 2012 has been a slow year for me, I experienced lots of failures. However, I intend to focus more on the brighter side of life so I embrace all the ruins with the hope of transformation. After all, the reason why I call this blog “Marvelous Much” is because I believe that a failure always serendipitously lead us to something marvelous. Plus, that’s the very reason we celebrate New Year – to reflect how we lived our lives in the previous year in the hope of making it better in the coming one.2013_kids_colouring_page_460

This year, I’ve learned to both take care and care less of my body. I realized what a good exercise routine can do to one’s weight and how easily it was to gain back the weight just by slacking and overeating. I’ve been into both: weight loss and weight gain, which I think gives me the ability to choose for myself this 2013. I guess I might have to stick with weight loss because I admit losing weight made me feel lighter and happier. One thing I learned though is that consistency is the key to every weight loss journey, it is the very reason why motivation should always be remembered because it allows us to think otherwise of our visions and dreams. This year, I plan to hit 120 pounds. Yes, I am stating a goal there although I told myself to abhor the thought of setting goals because I suck at doing them. But then, I think it’s fair enough to give myself some source of motivation so there, I envision myself to be the petite girl weighing a hundred and twenty pounds.


Professionally, I’ve been a mess. I was stricken how harsh life can be in the professional world of which I thought I have learned already. 2012 has been a lazy year for me, a fucked up one but I know that hope of New Year will change all that. One important realization though is that it is so easy to survive but it takes a whole lot of courage to live. 2012 beat me up and luck was nowhere of sight but New Year reminds me that life keeps on transforming. I maybe in the bottom today but tomorrow, my wheel will turn up and find success again.


Best experience of the year would definitely be the moment when Manila Bulletin published my work. It was a small feature of my work for their column “Picture Perfect.” It may be a small thing for others but for me it was a dream come true. It was really fun to see your name in the newspaper; I hope to be featured MORE for 2013.

I’m HAPPY to say that my relationships have gotten better. My boyfriend and I celebrated our fifth anniversary with so much joy and love. It actually feels as if we are still on our first year.  I also made some patches with my old foes and my family has been, and as it always was, a happy and contented one. I met amazing people and I managed to find new best friends. I wish to meet more people this 2013. Not only meet them but get connected with them. It is so easy to make acquaintances but connection is a skill that one must learn how to do so. Wish 2013 will teach me that.


Most of my experiences of the year 2012 came from my church life. I actually thank God for allowing me to be a part of a music ministry that gives me the opportunity to share my talent in singing. Best part of 2012 was when we went twice in Puerto Galera, Mindoro for our mission and recreation. There, I experienced a real provincial life- a happy and simple one. It was so inspiring to be able to give and receive God’s love by doing what I love the most, which is music. I also learned how snorkeling can be frightening and exciting at the same time. (wink!)

My ministry also gave me wonderful experiences such as singing in the ever coveted SM mall, being a wedding singer in an elegant wedding, and being presented with a “guest artist” title. Before 2012 ended, I was again presented with another opportunity to serve God in a different level. Our church will launch our newsletter and I was chosen to be a part of the first working committee. How cool is that? All my life, I’ve been asking God to give my talents some purpose and when I look at my life right now, I must say that He is working in ways I have never imagined. Also, might have to add that this year, I was able to finish simbang gabi or night masses. It is a tradition of Catholics to attend nine masses before Christmas and with God’s grace, I finally had the chance to really succumb myself to the spiritual implication of this tradition. It made my Christmas a very blessed one.


Life can be a thrilling one, a jungle. But I would like to refer to it as a gift. When you receive it, it is wrapped in a colorful paper and you can guess whatever is inside but you will only know for sure once you open it. There are times when the gift you receive is not what you have wanted for yourself but you learned to love it and deal with it. Sometimes, the gift you receive made you lash out for joy. But there are gifts that allows us to think for ourselves, and whatever we imagine, that’s the gift we receive. I just hope that 2013 will hand me the best gifts and I hope I can give myself the best ones, too, so that in return I can give back to others as well.

Have a blessed new year everyone!  God bless us all!

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