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A Writer’s Journey to Professionalism and Creativity

My love for writing started when I had my very first diary. It is a little pink notebook with colorful bears in the cover. I was just twelve when I bought it in a store near our school. I would write mostly about my crushes, school stuff and how I hate math. Since then writing has been my best friend who listens to my every thought.

Then I stepped into high school and my diary started to become mimicry of Elizabeth B. Browning and the legendary Shakespeare. I guess I was trying to find my own voice through my favorite authors. I even remembered using the line “love is blind” in one of my poems. I was so naïve back then.

Writing has led me to take up Mass Communication because I know that the course would hone my interest in writing. True to its form, I was bombarded with different writing classes like journalistic writing, campus writing, and the like. My favorite class was creative writing where my professor would assign us to write about interesting topics such as unique architectural piece, your ultimate goal in life, and all that jazz.  In this phase, I realized that a good writer, if she wants to be heard (or maybe get a higher grade from her professors), must know the balance between writing to express and impress at the same time. Like a wonderful singer, she has to hit the correct notes but she should always remember to lay her soul into her own craft.

After college, I became a technical writer, then a copywriter, and then an associate editor. Although it seems like I have been close to a “writer” for quite some time, deep in my heart, I am still on my way to finding my dream job. I am craving for a job that entails me to write creatively because that’s where passion and expression collides. I believe that’s what makes a successful creative entrepreneur. It is when she knows how to cultivate the areas of her art and yet earn from it. It is when she never stops to explore new things about her own art. It is when the formality of professionalism meets the eye of creativity.

I know that there’s still a long way in taking writing as my profession. I know I need to read more and take classes if possible. There is a huge room for improvement and I am always willing to explore it. Also, I realized that I am not alone in this journey. I am not the naïve girl who used to write in a secret diary anymore. I have all the equipment to write for others and share my talent to the world. I just have to be open to possibilities. Who knows, maybe someday I will be able to write a book or become a famous columnist. The destination to this journey may be indistinguishable but what I know for sure is that I will never let go of my love for writing.

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