How to Fix Broken EyeShadow

A girl’s heartbreak has so many causes- unreturned phone call, death of a puppy, even bad haircut. Another thing that falls into this category, and the over-all topic of this post, is when your expensive, ever-loved eyeshadow was broken, scattered into pieces never to be revived again. Isn’t it sad when you suddenly saw your favorite eyeshadow palette all splattered into tiny specs? Or maybe you are doing your make-up and it slip into your hands and you hear the “Bam!” on the floor, next thing you know you are looking at your palette cracked and divided. Isn’t that heartbreaking?

Whilst fixing a broken heart is a daunting task that includes soul-searching in three different countries, fixing your broken eyeshadow is nevertheless as simple as eating, praying, and loving. (I hope you get the joke right there.)

Yes, indeed, you can remold, reshape, repress (whatever you wanna call it) your eyeshadow. This has been going on around beauty land since I-don’t-know-when but this is the first time I tried it. Let’s start by showing you the materials I used.

Obviously, you need the broken yeshadow. I used my favorite broken eyeshadow palette from Marks & Spencer. It was gifted so it has this sentimental value behind it. Then, prepare your empty pan. I used its former pan because it is still in good condition. I cleaned it up with some baby wipes and it’s good to go. Then, the most important of all the ingredients, the protagonist that binds all the characters together..(dyan dyan dyararan) — alcohol. Yes. You heard it right— alcohol. Don’t worry about using alcohol because it will eventually evaporate making your eyeshadow hard and whole. You also need a pressing material so you can press the eyeshadow into the pan.

Here’s what you need to do to fix your broken eyeshadow.

  1. Put your eyeshadow into a mixing cup. Slowly pour alcohol into the eyeshadow. The eyeshadow must be diluted in the alcohol but make sure it is not too watery – Just enough so you can pour it into the pan.

2. Pour the liquid eyeshadow into the pan, try to shake them a bit while laying it on a flat surface so that the surface of the eyeshadow will be flattened. Let it sit for about 15-30 minutes until the eyeshadow is tacky.

3. This step is crucial. You need to have a pressing material. I used a cap of a hand cream and I covered it with a towel. I used this to press the eyeshadow. Press it hard so it will fill up the shape of the pan. Let it sit for a couple more minutes, then press it again.

4. You’re done!!! Your eyeshadow, once was broken, is now pressed into whole again.

So, next time you had your eyeshadow broken, fret no more. Go grab your alcohol and fix it up on your own.

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