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Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013: What’s inside?

BDJ Planner 2013: Exclusive Matte Leather Cover

BDJ Planner 2013: Exclusive Matte Leather Cover

All of my life, I have always been appointed as the “secretary.” Ever since I was in high school, I was often elected as the secretary of the class. My first job title was “secretariat.” Even in our church organization, I am the current secretary and they have no plans of replacing me whatsoever. Blame it on my penmanship (everybody seems to like it), blame it on destiny (i always fall on the same fate), or maybe blame it on my instinct to just write down everything.

I admit that I am one of those obsessive-compulsive girls who just love to use my pen and notebook. May it be agenda, rants, quotes,  sms from a lover, doodles, everything.  For years, I have searched for a good notebook, then I switched to agendas, then I tried notepads and post-its, then I came to love planners.  I tried a LOT of them. I have a box full of former journals, agendas, planners, notebooks. None of them seem to keep me satisfied.

Until I met Belle de Jour Power Planner, also known as BDJ planner. This is my hands-down favorite planner of all time— I mean, ALL TIME.

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How do I love my BDJ Planner? Let us count the ways, shall we?

First, I am so in love with their covers. If you have been a fan of BDJ, you already know that they are known for their creative girly covers. It always feature a graphic image of an empowered bella. For the upcoming year, they decided to release a cover with minimal design, showcasing a more professional yet still chic-looking planner. Do not fret if you want the old style, for they still have the old-style cover. I just decided to get the matte leather one just to try out something new for the upcoming new year. Plus, the matte leather so fierce and fancy in person.

Past, present, and future Belle de jours planners (2011-2013)

Past, present, and future Belle de jours planners (2011-2013)

This planner has sections intended to help women in organizing different areas of their lives. Here are some snapshots:

Certified Bella!

Certified Bella!

2013 Goals

I’m so bad when it comes to setting goals. Maybe I’ll do better for 2013.

BDJ 2013 Checklist

List of random things to tick off

Menstrual Tracker

My most used section: the menstrual cycle tracker. It is important to have a written record about your mensies because you might need it when you encounter problems with your cycle. Plus, it pays to take care of your health. Once, I brought this to the ob-gyne when I had a check-up and she said “Wow, you track your cycle, good girl.” It was really helpful because I get to answer all her questions and she, in return, had made a concrete assessment on my health.

BDJ 2013 Cashflow Tracker

Cash flow tracker – a section dedicated entirely to Robert Kiyosaki (wink wink)

Vacation Planner

For the wandering feet, the vacation planner is the section for you.

Gift List

Gift list

Now, since this is basically a planner, it has monthly and daily section for all your organization woes. This is the part where you can just be all messy with it.

Monthly section

Monthly section

Daily Section

Daily Section

I guess that’s just about it. I’m actually so excited for the upcoming year because of this planner. Can’t wait to exercise my secretarial instincts with this wonderful product.

Live life to the fullest.

Live life to the fullest.


This post is not sponsored whatsoever. Everything written here is solely the opinion of the author.

7 thoughts on “Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013: What’s inside?

  1. Ate Che! May I ask if that’s already available in bookstores? Sa tingin ko kasi ganyan ang kailangan kong planner for next year. Hehe. 🙂 Thank yooo!!

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