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An Affair with Make-up: Phil Cosmetics Expo 2012

(A long and overdue post on my recent visit to Phil Cosmetics Expo at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall)

I love going to fairs. Food fair, wedding fair, Book Fair, Love Af-fair (Haha- just kidding! I love my Bf so much, an affair is not an option.) So, when I heard that there will be a cosmetics fair on Megatrade Hall from August 30 to September 2, I thought of going because one, I really want to buy some rare make-up items;  and two, I want to see some items that I only see on lovely beauty gurus; and three, I just want to have a “me” time. So up, up, and away – I went to Phil Cosmetics Expo all by myself bravely and jolly!

First of, I bought then infamous Nyx jumbo pencil in Milk, which I realized is not really a “jumbo” pencil but a “chubby” pencil. Nyx is not widely available here in our country so I haven’t really seen one before (pity me).  I thought it is bigger than what it is but I bought it anyways. I really want to have this jumbo pencil because I love playing with eyeshadows, and from what I heard, this pencil will make your eyeshadow color pop. I haven’t tried it so I can’t tell so much for now.


Next, I got me the ever coveted EOS lip balm. I am not really a balm person but when I saw this lip balm lying on Digital Traincase booth, I thought to myself I should get one. First of all, I think it has the cutest packaging of all lip balms I have seen, opposed to the usual lip balms packaging that makes you feel like you are putting medical product unto your lips. This looks like an egg and it tastes sooooooo good! I chose strawberry and I’ve been using this twenty four hours everyday since I bought it.  Whenever I put this one on my lips, I feel like I want to eat it. I have never fallen in love with a lip balm like this before. Now, I understand what the hype is all about.


Then, of course, I have to take home some lippies. I went there with a nude lipstick in mind because whenever I play with dark make-up, I don’t have nude lipstick to match it on. So I got Nyx lipstick in Pure Nude which literally is a nude.  I am not really into nude lipstick, I kind of hate it because I don’t really like it on my bronze-ish skin tone. But I guess I can give this nude lipstick a try. Another lipstick I got is this light pink lipstick also from Nyx called Narcissus. Aside from the fact that it has a cute name, it also has a cute light pink shade that reminds me so much of Barbie. I think it will look great for a neutral make-up and those lazy days when you just want to swipe on a cutie lipstick and you’re good to go.


Well that’s all I got. I went home happy with new cosmetics on my hand ready to be devoured by a kikay girl like me.

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