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Marry and be Merry (Wedding Outfits)

Whoever said that June is the month of weddings, I infer to disagree. It is because I think July should be promoted to this position for in this month alone I’ve been into two weddings (That is a little too much for me). Dum Dum Da-dum, the bridal march hymn still echoes in my memory. Anyhoo, I would like to share two wedding outfit ideas. This is intended for chubby girls since the universe has given me a bit of extra body mass to work with.  If there is one thing plus size girls should flaunt is their curves. No more woes for muffin tops, please- enough of the era where curvy girls do not know how to flaunt their own skin. There are a lot of stores out there that offer wide range of styles on different sizes.

This first outfit is a bodycon dress from Forever21.  It’s a beautiful pink/black color-blocking dress that zips up in the middle front. I chose this dress because I could wear this in any occasion, be it formal wedding, a casual date with a lover, or even a job interview. All I need is my creative fashionista side to mix and match it with any top I have. For this wedding, I thought of wearing a blazer because I don’t want to get caught up in the cold after knowing that the church and the reception will be in full blast air-con. (Or maybe I just really want to don Rachel Zoe’s style.) I also paired it with my maryjanes from Autograph.

Pink draws me in. Coat embraces me with warmth. Heels elevates me. Jewelries excites me. Could it be more perfect for an outfit du jour?

The second outfit is a dress from Surplus Shop at SM North. Although this is a dress, it looks like two different staples. It displays my love for bandage skirts and unique prints. This time, I just paired it with simple black flats from a bazaar for added comfort. I don’t have a proper outfit shot because I didn’t expect I will be doing a blog post about my wedding outfits. So, to give you a preview, this is a decent shot I had with my friend who happens to be a lector, Ate Christy.

The Singer and The Reader. (Or in other words, a choir member and a lector.)

So there, my first outfit-related post. I really don’t know how to end this post so I may say just have fun dressing up whatever size you are! Chow!!!

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