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A Dumbbell Worth Lifting

He’s not the type who would dirty his hands just to create a lovely present for me. He’s the type who would rather buy a gift than do some labor of love. So it came to me as a real surprise when he made me a dumbbell. Yes, it is a real home-made dumbbell.

Materials: Two Cans, Cement, Stick, Paint, and loads of LOVE.

When a guy loves you, I realize that he listens to your mumbles, to every story told, and every secret immaculately whispered to him. Most of the times, I would tell him my struggles on attaining a healthy weight. One thing I told him is my reluctancy to do some strength training. Carrying heavy weights is not really my cup of tea. I hate lifting heavy loads, except for my bag full of crap. Still, I tried canvassing for a worthy dumbbell, yet, I never buy. I also told him that the thought of going back to the gym is a dreadful imagery for me. I can do Tae Bo all day, I can push myself to do p90x, but going back to the gym? –  Hell, no. I told him about my insecurities and how much I wanted to eliminate them one by one. I can only do that by getting out of my comfort zone, hence, I need to do some painful and boring strength training.

So when he gave me this gift, I realized how much he wanted to make the challenge way easier for me. His gift told me everything – that he may not be able to carry heavy weights for me but he will always be there to support me. This proves that when a guy loves you, he doesn’t care if you are fat or thin- but he does care about your overall happiness. Maybe he is also telling me he is willing to have his fair share of my weight loss struggles because he could have brought this in the store for a fifty peso difference, but he made this one, with his bare hands – so romantic novel-ish.

I may be fat but I am one lucky girl for having a guy who loves  me just as I am.  There are still some good men out there. Prince Charming does exist. I am so happy I found mine.

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