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“ME” TIME… Quality Time with no other than Myself

I am having lots of “me-time” lately. I know it sounds weird. Why do I have to have me-time when I cannot separate myself from my own self? (if that makes sense.) Well, me-time is different from being alone. Being alone means having no companion. Me-time is actually enjoying your own company. It is sort of having a date with yourself. So, how do I spend my me-time? Le me count the ways.

1. Scouting for a good book, a bookmark, and a highlighter.
It doesn’t have to be a best seller. It doesn’t even have to be something someone has recommended to you. It just has to be something that spontaneously interests you.

I don’t know why I chose this book. I read once in a book by John Maxwell that every person needs to learn leadership for his or her own life. So, I guess I am in dire need for leading my own self. This is not my first leadership book, but this is the first time I will read a book about leadership that is solely intended for women.

Now, after finding a perfect book to read, I got to have a nice bookmark so I wouldn’t create fold marks in my new book, which usually happen when I don’t have any bookmark in my hand. I found this lovely bookmark that looks like a stencil pattern with butterflies and a dancing girl. How lovely.

The girl in this bookmark is speaking unto me saying "I see you."

2. Choosing Healthy Options.
Being healthy is one of my goals this year and I am trying so hard to do this. I hope eventually I will lose weight but I am more focused to being healthy right now. I am watching what I eat and opting for healthier foods. One thing though is that Filipinos are not really accustomed to this kind of lifestyle so I’m really having a hard time looking for healthier foods. That’s why I am so happy when I found this haven of healthy and organic foods in SM North Edsa called Healthy Options. It’s really an interesting store. I feel as if I am in a science museum, discovering different healthy foods and snacks. I think I stayed there for like an hour just browsing through all their supplies, and after my feet told me it’s time to go, I finally chose this thing:

I can't wait to taste this. Nom Nom Nom

3. Taebo, Workout DVDs, Sweating out.
I love Taebo. I love aerobics. Maybe it’s because I am a dancer (though physically not obvious) so I have hot spots for sweating and moving my butt. The truth is, even if I will not lose weight, I know I will still continue working out and doing aerobics because I really enjoy it. Also, I believe exercising feels really great because you know that no one else will benefit from it but you. It is really a personal choice. You can cheat each step you make but you are only cheating yourself. It really feels great when you feel your heartbeat and you are sweating like a pig because you feel much more alive. Exercising is definitely a me-time.

I believe that having a quality time with yourself is essential to know your inner self. It is more than just having fun alone, it is somehow letting yourself find its way through you. This sounds so mushy but I have come to realize that information overload in this modern world causes us to be deaf to our own voice. We have already forgotten how to listen to ourselves. Having time to know more about ourselves is essential for us to become more balanced.

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