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PYROMUSICAL 2012 at SM Mall of Asia

Mall of Asia is a two-hour back ride on my boyfriend’s motorcycle. Going there means enduring the pollution, backache, and the headache of traffic jam. But I didn’t mind. Contrary to that, my boyfriend and I were singing in the motorcycle as we were headed to the mall to witness this year’s PYROMUSICAL 2012.

Crappy shot. I know I need to get better at capturing fireworks, but I like this one.

PYROMUSICAL 2012 is not just an ordinary fireworks display. It is, I believe, a show where you can see those balls of fire dancing like ballerinas to the tune of various music. It is also not just an exhibition but a competition among several countries so you can only imagine how great each number was.  People can watch it for free along the mall’s parking lot. But we have decided to go buy gold tickets so we can have a great view of the fireworks display. Plus, we really want to hear the music clearly through every fire crack.

Yes, those fireworks will make you romantically cheesy.

There isn’t so much to say about the event because you have to be there to appreciate it. The bang, the boom, the music, the lights, the emotions, the wow’s… everything is just magnificent.

Another crappy shot.

The last competition schedule will be on March 17, 2012. I suggest that:

If you want to have a great view, especially if you are a photographer, go buy the VIP ticket. If you want to just watch and enjoy the show, gold and silver tickets are enough. But if you want to have a good frame, without too many objects like lamps, light cables and people’s head blocking your way, go buy VIP tickets.

If you choose to be in standing section, wear your most comfortable clothes. There is something adventurous in standing sections. You can sit on the road and people will think it is normal. But, the experience will be painful if you are wearing white pants or mini mini skirt because you will literally spend all night standing. You cannot sit during breaks because all you have is the street that you can use for sitting pleasure.

Will I be there again next year? Of course! And I will try my very best to be in the VIP for once. High five pyromusical!



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