Fitness Journal

Fitness Journal # 1

11-1-11 (November 1, 2011) was the very day I started (once again) my jogging routine and low-calorie diet. The date must have been an omen. So many beginnings… my weight loss journey included.

I have failed many times before, and I know in losing weight, starting all over again is the hardest. The main reason why I’m fat is because I overeat. Yes. I have to admit that. I love food. I swear one of the hardest part of losing weight is to resist food. I think it will always be the hardest part on this journey. Especially if you have companies to eat delicious food with. I love sweets. I love pizzas. I love overeating till my stomach is full.

Another reason why I’m fat is because I don’t have enough exercise. I used to have a very active lifestyle. I am a dancer, choreographer even. I love going out. I even love sweating out. But, when I started my cubicle slavery, I started gaining weight. Sedentary lifestyle led me nowhere but obesity.

Now enough with the drama.

Since Monday, I have already jogged twice (Monday and Wednesday), two hours each on my own phase. I have to admit I have to level up my phase but I am taking it day by day. Besides, I am still  starting up my gears.  I jog around Sm North’s Parking lot where a lot (and I mean A LOT) of joggers and runners flocked together to do their own exercise routine.

As for my diet, I hate math so I am not any more counting calories but I am thinking I should capture a photo of each of my meal just cause I love photography. Nothing fancy in my diet, I just don’t overeat and I am taking everything in moderation. I bought wheat bread and oatmeal, which I eat to give myself the fullness that I need. I am drinking a lot of water, too. I also eat apples and bananas for my fruits. Yum.

My source of inspiration is Misschievous. A youtube guru I’ve been watching since last year, and since then, she has lost weight dramatically. She shared her weight loss journey here.

Truth is, I have no other goal than to be on medium size once again. I don’t have weight goal because I hate numbers. Haha. SO many excuses right? But I am planning to buy a weighing scale because my friend told me it will boost my confidence by seeing the numbers go down. I think I should follow her.

The why of this all? Being obese drowns me physically and emotionally. This is my body, no one is responsible for this except me.

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