Don Day Korean Restaurant

Over the weekend, I had the chance to experience Korean food at Don Day Restaurant along Malingap St. in Kalayaan Avenue, Quezon City. I really wanted to try Korean food because there’s a lot of korean action going on around my circle of friends (thanks to Gumiho and Teacher Em). Plus, I am such a foodie who will never get scared of trying out new food. So, with the suggestion of Teacher Em, we went to Don Day Restaurant.

The place is not hard to locate, it is just along Malingap St. in Kalayaan. However, you might need a private transportation to get there. It might surprise you, also, that the place is not air-conditioned. There is a huge open window that lets the natural wind ventilate the whole place. Surprisingly, the place is so cozy and comfortable to be in due to the natural breeze coming in and out of the restaurant.

We ordered “Eat all you can Samgyeoupsal,” which includes unlimited raw meat (to be cooked in the griller) and unlimited food from their buffet table full of Korean food. We also ordered bottomless iced tea. All in all, we only spent Php350, not bad for the whole Korean food adventure.

Most of their menus are very much like Filipino food except for Samgyeoupsal. Beforehand, I really wanted to try Samgyeopsal, I really didn’t know the name then. Basically, Samgyeopsal is the grilled meat (hence, the grilled meat in the middle of the table) placed in a leafy vegetable with all seasonings and ingredients of your own choice (like Kimchi, mayonaisse, beans sprout, etc.) – and devoured whole, full in you mouth, without poise whatsover. It was really fun eating them!

What I like about the place is the idea that you can try almost every Korean food. Their buffet table has so many varieties and I had the chance to try them all out (burp!). Plus, I like that customers don’t have to worry if they don’t know the names of the food. All they have to do is get a plate, go to the buffet table, and get whatever food they want to try. You can always go back to the buffet table if you wanted some more.

I also like the fact that it has this “feel-at-home” ambiance to it. When I was there, I experienced an authentic Korean food house. It is also a joy to see Koreans and Filipinos blend together in one table. They understand each other, they bond together, they enjoy each other’s company, and they eat the same food! I can say that races that eat together stay together, haha!

I suggest this place if you are on the look out for a casual and comfortable Korean Restaurant. However, I do not suggest you go here if you are looking for a high-class Korean Restaurant. This place is too casual to wear a black dress and a coat and tie.

I’m already planning of bringing my parents here (just cause I promised myself I will date them this year.) I also wanted them to experience the Korean food tripping. Basically,

3 thoughts on “Don Day Korean Restaurant

  1. Greetings from California !

    Php 350 is really cheap for Korean food. That’s about $8 ? Wow ! Over here, there’s a Korean resto nearby and we always go there almost every weekend, but it’s $ 20 per person. You’re get yourself a real bargain.


  2. @renxkyoko – It was really a bargain! Great food + great price = One happy foodie. Hahha! There are other Korean restaurants here that offer the same price as yours= $20 per person. Haven’t tried them though so I can’t compare much.

  3. Hello and Thanks!
    I’m planning to meet some friends there next month to try Korean food. I hope its worth the trip, though, ‘coz it’s at least two hours drive from my place.
    Your review is a great help 🙂

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