30-day Blog Challenge / random thoughts

Day 14: What Do You Like Most About Yourself?

THIS post will somehow look like I’m pulling up my own chair because the topic is about things I like most about myself. But I am not in any way trying to boast here. 

Liking yourself is mandatory. It is a huge responsibility. You are with yourself your whole life, obviously. So, if you are not in any way in love with yourself, you are in a mess. I believe that we must love ourselves first before we could ever love other people. Sometimes, we have to be our selves’ greatest allies in order to give back to the world.

Today, I decided to be myself’s greatest admirer… and here are the things I admire most about myself.

1. I go for what I want.

2. I love to learn new things.

3. I love my singing voice and I could sing in front of the crowd without them killing me.

4. I am an artist.

5. I could express myself in writing.

6. I am not really afraid of changes.

7. It is easy for me to find happiness around me.

8. I know I have a purpose.

9. I am confident to say I am a beautiful person.

10. I know when to quit.

I believe thinking about your strengths is a great activity to find love for yourself. Try this and maybe you’ll find love for yourself if you haven’t found it yet.

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