Belle de Jour Fair at Eastwood Mall

The moment I read on facebook the announcement  of  Belle de Jour that they will be launching their BDJ Power Planner 2012, I was ecstatic! I immediately called three of my friends to come with me to BDJ Fair at Eastwood Mall. One of them confirmed (thanks ghem!) and off we go the the launch of Belle De Jour Power Planner 2012.

First, the planner.
I started using BDJ planner only this year (2011) when my bf gave it to me as a not-so-surprise Christmas gift. The design is absolutely wonderful.You bet you’ll never realize that their illustrator is a guy (not sure of this) because the illustrations are so chic, you feel like you are holding a magazine rather than a planner. Side by side the style, the content are so useful! It includes dreamboard, goals for the year, budget tracker, and monthly and daily calendar. It also has a menstrual cycle tracker, which I found so useful for someone like me who is OCD when it comes to monthly period. There is also a list of things you can do for the whole year. I usually refer to this every time I get bored and want to do something different. I really love this planner and I don’t remember a day without having it inside my bag, seriously! I have tried other planners but nothing comes close to the love I’ve found for BDJ.

You would imagine how excited I was when BDJ 2012 was finally out. First of all, I am excited for 2012. Even if there are still two more months left for 2011, I already have my plans for 2012. I already have a list of things to do, places to be, and experiences I wanted to try next year. So, what could be better off than to suffice my excitement for 2012 by having a new 2012 BDJ planner. It is so timely, it satisfies my need to write down my 2012 plans!

So, now, presenting my newest BDJ Planner 2012. (I will be reviewing this planner, soon.)

Now, how’s the fair, you ask.

So, I promised myself that on Oct. 16, 2011, I have to go to the launch so I can grab my new planner.

Well, the event is quite girly! (Of course). I made a right decision to bring along the same girly friend with me so we can enjoy the fair together. It was absolutely chic and cutesy event with free seminars and fun activities.

Ghem and I, having fun at that cute inflated thing.

We came in early, around 3pm, so some booths were still preparing. Good thing was we were the first ones to join promos and little contests, we didn’t need to fall in line because we were the first ones to be in the line!

This pink car was the hottest thing I’ve seen in the fair! False lashes, Pink Lipstick, Pink Ribbon, Pink Dress! Ah! Perfect girly girl! Wish I could have this car, and if I have one, I wish I would have the guts to use it. (wink!)

The Commitment Wall. Of course I have to write down my share! 

“This year I will make a difference by sharing my talents to the world”

and yes oh yes I will!


I want to have this cotton candy machine on my birthday!  SO CUTE!

Those wedges! P-R-E-T-T-Y!

So, there. My first ever BDJ Fair Experience. Next year, I will be there for sure. Trust me, and I hope I could have more freebies next year. Haha!

Chow! Bellas!

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