30-day Blog Challenge / random thoughts

Day 12: If you could wish for anything that would come true, what would you wish for?

I hope I could be a published feature writer.

I started writing when I was in High School, at the very young age of 13. I started writing poems and personal diaries. It coincides with my love for reading. My first pocketbook was titled “The Girl in the Mirror.” I don’t really remember who the author was but I remembered enjoying every minute of the book. I love the way my brain creates images as I read the words written in the book. I also loved Shakespeare’s sonnets. Yes, you heard it right. I am nerd that way. I would dissect the words written in Shakespeare’s sonnets so I could understand it better. I loved it when I finally understood it. That’s how I started writing poems. My high school friends know it. They loved my poems actually. Although I admit that if I read it to you today, you would really think it was really corny. Then, I started writing into diaries, then some articles. I went to college and took up Mass Communication because all my interests are there especially writing. When I graduated, all I wanted to be is to see my article featured in a magazine or newspaper.

It is a dream, yes. It is a wish.

But I know that in the right time, God will give me this dream that He himself has planted within me.

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