30-day Blog Challenge / random thoughts

Day 7: Your Worst Habit

I wasn’t able to blog for the last two days because I was so busy – I admit I didn’t had time to blog, plus yesterday, I had to spend the whole day in a salon because my hair needed some rebond treatment action.

So, going back to the topic…my worst habit…

….would probably be nail biting. EEEWWWW!

I know it’s disgusting and painful sometimes but I just can’t help it. I tried to erase this habit but it was written all over my subconscious mind. Sometimes, I would do this out of instinct. Sometimes, my nails bleed but I don’t feel a thing.

I remembered one time when I became so serious about quitting this habit. I researched about it. I read somewhere that you accumulate this habit from other people. When you see someone biting his/her nails, it is possible that you acquire this habit without you realizing that. I didn’t believe that at first but I proved it is true when my bf has started biting his nails as well. Obviously, he started biting his nails because he saw it from me. Lucky for him he was able to stop his habit immediately. That’s when I realized that my brothers are also nail-biters. So, probably I got the habit somewhere in my family.

Sometimes, if I’d be so serious about it, I would stop biting my nails, but I would still put my nails in my mouth. So, never did I become so successful in quitting this habit even if I was able to let my nails grow once in a while.

I also realized that I would bite my nails when I write. (So, blogging is one of the reasons why I can’t grow my nails right now.) I prick my nails, cuticles, skin on my fingers, etc while constructing words on my brain. That’s crazy- I know. That’s me. I can’t help it. I think better when I play with my nails.

I really, really wanted to stop this habit of mine. As I have said earlier, I tried to get rid of this habit. Quitting would be successful once in a while, but I would eventually go back to my habit. I even tried buying expensive nail products just to help my nails become stronger (and bitter).

This is my worst habit, and I really don’t know if I could ever get rid of it.

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