30-day Blog Challenge / random thoughts

Day 6: A Song That Makes You Cry

Worship songs, with nothing in particular, make me cry. I believe it is not the song, but the emotion that comes along with the song that makes me cry. I was a fresh grad when I felt I wanted to serve the church. Long before I knew it, I’ve become a part of a worship music ministry. Since then, I’ve cried many times while singing and listening to worship songs. I also realized that since I am a musical person by nature, I can easily connect with my God through music. Singing gospel songs are my special prayers that sort of connect my soul to my God. So, when I sing worship songs, or maybe listen to them, I consider it praying. I breathe the lyrics while being drawn to His presence.

I hardly speak of my love on worship songs, or my faith in general. Some people might find me hypocrite for saying I cry out of singing to God. My readers might find me fake and all. But honestly, I am praying to Him through music not because I am perfect, but because I need Him in some every way, which means I am so imperfect, incomplete, and human. Crying because of worship songs doesn’t make me a saint, but a person who holds on to her God in order to make it through the imperfections.


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