30-day Blog Challenge / random thoughts

Day 4: Something That You Are OCD About

OCD or Obsessive-compulsive disorder. According to my own dictionary, OCD is something that you do that aims perfection and organization beyond what is normal. So, along with my own definition, here’s what I am really OCD about.

I am pretty OCD when it comes to the contents of my bag. Every night, I would make it a point to check out what I carry in it. Take note: Every night. What I would do is I would take off everything from my bag. Then one by one, I would check out each content then put it again inside the bag. Pretty crazy, but that’s just me. I am not really a neat girl, I just love checking the contents every single night.

This started, I guess, when I was in elementary. I remember being OCD with whatever I will be using the next day, e.g. my uniform, my bags, my school stuff, my handkerchief, undergarments, etc,. I would prepare those things every night, ready for the day ahead. I am the only girl in the family so this habit of mine is even praised by my parents (me showing my feminine side ensures them that I am not a lesbian.) This habit gradually lessen, hanks to the artistic and messy part of me. I eventually stopped preparing every single thing I would use. But one thing remains, and that is, I still am OCD with what I am bringing inside my bag.

I wanted to show you the contents of my bag but I would leave it to DAY 8.


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