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Day 2: Twenty of My Favourite Things

Now, now, I feel so free using “U” in the word “favourite” because we weren’t allowed to use that British English in Philippine Elementary textbooks. As an editor, I have to omit “u” in “favourite” but because this is my blog, I will do whatever I want. Anyways, I am already on my second day of blogging as I pave my way through 30-day Blog Challenge. For day 2, I am being asked to tell twenty of  my “favourite things.” So here we go.

Belle De Jour Power Planner – I never leave the house without my Belle de Jour Power Planner. I feel so incomplete without it. I just love writing things down, and this planner makes my anxious mind calm down.

My Nikon d40 – This camera has been with me for three years now. I named her Tutti which means “everybody” in Italian. I got that name from Liz Gilbert’s best-selling travelogue Eat, Pray, Love. During the Ondoy, the typhoon who flooded the whole Metro Manila, I remembered putting this first in my backpack if in case we needed to evacuate.

My Laptop – This laptop was also the first among the things I would have save if in case we needed to evacuate.  This is really something that I am proud to have invested for myself.

My Journal – I started writing in a journal when I was on my first year high school. I believe this is where my love for writing starts. Now that I am a certified adult, I still have one, though I’m not really into “Dear Diary” intro anymore.

Michicko, My Pink Huge Teddy Bear – This stuff toy came from a special person. That reason alone is enough for me to treasure it so much.

Microphone – ‘Coz I am a Diva. haha!

Earrings – I collect earrings. I love wearing them. I love it when people compliment them.

Books – One of my 2012 goals is to read all my “to-read books.” I don’t know why they just keep on piling up in my shelf.

Photographs – I love photography. Period.

Movies – Movie files and DVD’s. Masscom grad. Sorry. Can’t help it. Movie is my fave past time.

Food – The reason for all the fats going on inside my belly. I dreamed of being able to eat a lot without gaining any weight. I really do because the hardest part of being fat is the guilty pleasure you feel when you overeat.

Make-up – Girly girl me. Hahay!

Clothes – I sometimes think I am lucky to be on plus size because if I am a bit tinier than my usual body, I may have lost all my money for buying clothes for myself.

Lotion – The secret to having a supple skin. I love applying lotion especially in my hands just so when my man holds it, he would definitely think it soft.

Earphones – The greatest thing ever created when you can’t stand all the negativity in your office.

My cellphone – I am not really hyper when it comes to latest gadgets or cellphone apps. But I put this one on the list because I hate it when I leave the house without my phone. I feel incomplete and disconnected without this very thing. Currently, I am using Samsung Galaxy S.

Nail polish – Another collection of mine. Although lately, I am kind of taking a break from nail polish. But I still love them.

Music – Who doesn’t love music?

2 days down. 28 more to go. Can I finish this? Well, all I can say is… See you on the 30th.


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