30-day Blog Challenge / random thoughts

Day 1 : A Photo That Makes You Happy

Zambales, Philippines 2011

I remember one day when I was daydreaming inside my prison cubicle, I really wanted to be somewhere happy and peaceful. All I could dream of is me, with my feet drenched in the sea. Since I couldn’t just walk off away from my office, all I can do was to use this picture as my wallpaper and dream some more.

This picture makes me happy because it means “travel” and “freedom” – things that any person would dream for himself/herself. This picture emphasizes a dream, a realization, and a prophecy

…a dream because I dream that my feet and the sea would  once again embrace each other warmly …

…a realization because it affirms that i have this dream of being free

…and a prophecy that I will surely be back to where my heart feels so happy.






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