random thoughts

The Perfect Day

What is a perfect day for you?

I am browsing through reading materials found in the Internet, and I stumbled upon this question. What is the perfect day for you? This is my answer to the question:

A perfect day for me starts with waking up early because I feel so at light when I wake up early. The morning breeze is something that really relaxes me. Then, I will stay in my bed for an hour to write in my journal. This way, I could reflect about my day, write my goals, and stay focused and calm. Along with that, I can enjoy having my morning coffee on the side.

After which, I will take a bath and head off to my exercise routine. A little jog around the block would be so nice or a visit to the gym. After exercise, I could take a little rest somewhere peaceful while reading a good book, or maybe practicing my photography.

And then, I would pursue my “to-do” list. A perfect day is not perfect without me doing an errand that I feel is valuable for my dreams and goals in life. It could also be an errand that allows me to have fun and have financial gains as well.  The thing is, I don’t want to make it feel like a job but something that I do out of love.

Maybe, when I get tired, I would take a nap. Chat with my friends. Do something creative.

By night, I would go to a fellowship or maybe spend time with my friends or loved ones.

This, for me, is the perfect day.


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