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Manila International Book Fair 2011

My introvert self finds pleasure in scanning book titles and authors’ names neatly piled in different bookstores. Though I don’t really intend to buy, I just love reading interesting titles of books and browsing whatever interests me. But if I have enough money, I’d buy. I won’t care if I will be able to find the time and energy to read them all – as long as I have a nice book in my hand.

That is why I am so happy I got the chance to attend this year’s Manila International Book Fair. It is where booksellers, booklovers, publishers, authors, and everyone who just love books gather together in a book-filled event. It is an event where you could see a whole warehouse of books, discounted books, freebies, unique items, learning materials, so on and so forth. This is definitely a nirvana for those who love to browse at bookstores like me. (Did I say the word “book” too much in this paragraph?- hope not.)

Looooooooooooooong aisle of BOOKS!!!!

Amongst all the thousands of books and reading materials I’ve seen, these are the two books that have won my heart::

These books were sold for only Php200 each! What a deal for hard bound books, right?

And I’m gonna leave you with more interesting book titles I’ve seen….


I will surely attend MIBF again next year! PROMISE!


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