What’s in a Uniform?

Today, I wore our “new” uniform… what’s so interesting about it, you ask?
Actually, HR has not yet release a memo ordering us of wearing our new uniform mandatorily. So, we (two of my officemates and I) were the first ones who donned our new uniform. Of course, new uniform is so ostentatious when you decided to wear it prior to the announcement of HR. So, the whole day, I was being so conscious with the juxtaposition of my new uniform to the majority of old ones.

That’s me. Having fun with “Photo Booth” in front of my computer.

There are three things that a “uniform” gives to a person.

One, is IDENTITY. Like a brand name, uniform is the label of a person carrying the name of the institution he or she belongs. It tells what the person does – may it be an student or an employee.

Second is CONFORMITY. Uniforms are mandatory, though I’m guilty with the fact that sometimes I do not conform. I am not really the type who conform when it comes to clothing- uniforms included. But today, I chose to conform and I think there’s nothing wrong with it. One way or another we have to follow rules.

Third, and my favorite of all, uniforms give you that sense of BELONGINGNESS. It is a proof that you belong in a decent part of the society. You are not a nobody, but someone who has a purpose. You belong.

Having LOTS of fun in front of the computer.

Anyways, I’m leaving you with two quotes about our dreams. After all, the main reason we wear our uniforms everyday is because we want to achieve our dreams and goals in life, right?

“Lord, I’m trusting you. I’ll still seek my dream with joyful passion, but I will surrender my attachment to the details of my dream. I will open myself to your wonderful surprises.” – Bo Sanchez

How to get what you want in life: work hard, persevere, put in the effort, hope for the best. But sometimes, it’s easier to just ask for it. – Ala Paredes


* * *


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