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Angry Birds on My Slippers

I was stepping inside the jeepney when one of my slippers fell off outside. I was already inside the jeepney so I had no chance of picking it up because the driver head on and I was left screaming “Manong, teka lang, teka lang” (“Manong, wait, wait!”) So when he suddenly stopped, I was way too far from my tsinelas. So, I headed towards my prodigal slipper, running with no slipper on my other foot. Luckily, one guy was gracious enough to pick it up for me so I won’t have to run all the way towards it (power of charms, eh?).

It must have been an omen. A sign that I need to let go of my OLD (way too old!) slippers.

So, the day after, I headed to SM department store and went straight to Toeberries, a local brand (if I’m not mistaken) which I believe is far better than expensive slippers. I am not really the type who can afford to buy a thousand-pesos slippers. If I have a thousand, I’d rather buy it with clothes or make-up, not slippers. Besides, there are so many local brands here in the Philippines that offer the same comfort in an inexpensive price. Toeberries, for instance, is perfect pair when it comes to durability and style.

So, now presenting my new Toeberries…

Angry birds on my Toeberries!

FYI, this is my third Toeberries slippers. The first two pairs should have been working still today but I should throw them already because the first got damaged when I accidentally stepped into a pile of grease. The second slippers- as I have said- told me through an omen that I needed to let go of it. So, talking about durability, this brand is tested by yours truly so I decided to stick unto it. (Do I sound like an advertisement? Well, honestly, no matter how much I wish Toeberries would sponsor me for this, I am not paid to endorse this brand.)

Here in the Philippines, it is a must that you carry on with slippers. The weather is so unpredictable that you needed to be ready or else you would get to destroy all your hard-earned shoes because of the flood. Plus, it has been one of the major fashion staples here. It signifies a lot about Filipino culture: flexible, durable, easy to get along with, and comfortable.

As for me, I pick this one up because it is really soft and comfortable on my feet. Plus, I really like the style of this one. I love the way the pink juxtaposes with silver lining of the strap. Obviously, “Angry Birds” is the main inspiration for its design. Ain’t that cute? I am not really into Angry Birds but I never realize how cute they are till I saw them in slippers. I am thinking if I should get me plush toys of Angry Birds as well!


Nah… I guess I am better off with my new slippers for now.

Gotta walk on now… bye!


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