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A Healing Bay

When all else fails, it’s nice to know you got someone to tell you everything’s going to be all right.

* * *

Last Sunday, I had a very bad headache and a very bruised heart. The bruise, which I feel I deserve, didn’t come from a romance, which made the pain all worse than that. My plan was just to hang around my room, do some errands, and take some beauty sleep. Well, my plan changed when I got a text message saying, “Chie-che, gala tau?” *“Chie-che, wanna stroll somewhere?” I smiled… my headache vanished. How can this guy make my heavy heart heal so fast? One moment I was having a bad day, next I’m having a blast.

I told him I wanted to go to the beach. I wanted to sit beside the seashore and just feel the wind in my hair. There is something melancholic in the ambiance of the shore. I really wanted to feel the loneliness in my heart that only a huge body of water can understand. In that way, when I already wholly feel the pain, it was only then that I can heal it.

So, I thought of going to Manila Bay. I know, I know. It is far from being a beach or seashore for that matter. But time and money won’t allow us to be in the beach (it was an spontaneous stroll goodness gracious!) so I thought of going to Manila Bay just to see a huge body of water…just to feel the wind, and the sky, and to see the crystal sun kissing the water… melancholy I say. How melancholic.

So we went to MOA and sit at the brink of Manila Bay. Bought some hotdogs, fries, and talked about random topics.

When I was sitting along the brink of Manila Bay, I have come to know one thing: Manila Bay is a healing bay. It was said that years before, Manila Bay was such a beautiful bay, you could dive into it. However, civilization polluted its water and took away its beauty. So, the government and some concern citizen are trying to put it back into its original beauty. I say they did a pretty good job because it was better than the last time I saw it.

But still, a slight trace of pollution is evident. Manila Bay is still hurt.

When I was there, I was thinking if Manila Bay could fully heal. Is it possible to erase the trace of unpleasant smell and waste? At that moment, I wave my sorry to the water. It must have been hurt a lot. I guess I will never understand it. I guess its water wanted to heal, but healing is a process, so it needs time. All I can do is wait till it has fully healed itself. I am not even sure if it can transform back into its original beauty. I was hurt seeing the water hurt. Hurt because all I can do is to stare, not even wanting to see it cry.

It’s almost six when he asked me, “Are you feeling better now?” It was a simple question but I know it meant a lot. I told him I am better now. I was glad I did come with him.

I went home better. Yes. All we can do when we are hurt is to be better, try to be better. Just like the sadness of Manila Bay… all it can be is to be better each day.


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