What’s in My Bag?

my bag (pink jane norman) – got this from my Tita A, she knows I adore pink so she grab me a pink bag. I absolutely love this!
my 2011 belle de jour power planner – i write everything here… and i mean everything.
wet wipes and facial tissues – i use this for hygienic purposes.
my wallet from Marks and Spencer – also a gift from my Tita A.
phone, samsung gt-s5230
clinique lotion – to moisturize my hands
hair instant keratin leave on – so I could tame my frizzy hair
blue coin purse – cutest change purse ever
bath and body works hand sanitizer
my make up kit, which consists of shawill face powder, shawill palette, m&s eyeshadow trio, lippies from chanel, in2it, and maybelline, elianto blush, maybelline unstoppable mascara, avon coal eye pencil, maybelline eyebrow set, brushes from elf and marionnaude, lipgloss, nail cutter and tweezers.
a wallet for receipts – yes, i keep receipts…
my keys to my house and my MC


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