March! Argh! Time flies so fast, I can’t catch up!

Speaking of catching up, I feel really guilty NOT having to write any worthy thoughts over the past month. Well, I AM actually writing, but I always feel there’s so much inadequacy on my draft that I don’t publish it at all. (Yes- that’s THE editor in me eating me up). I haven’t been blogging for weeks now and my planner has started to be cluttered with different topics to include in this blog. I must also admit that there are some frustrations behind my inconsistencies with creating a blog post. Aside from being pressured with creating a free-from-wrong-grammar-article, I was also concentrating lately on how to “benefit” financially with online writing. If you know me, when I started to connote money with what I do, I kind of lose my sense of passion. I stumble upon laziness and procrastination. Well, obviously, now I decided to just sit, shrug the thought away, and pushed through with a blog post. I guess too much thinking lead me nowhere, writing does. Someday, God will show me better, but for today, I will just write.

Ok, so, enough for the mushyness.

Last tuesday, March 8, my Catholic friends and I celebrated Fat Tuesday in our parish. It is a celebration prior to the popular Ash Wednesday. This fun event is a gathering of all parishioners to do what everyone else love to do – and that is to EAT! How cool is that!? It has been said that Catholics spend this day to fill their stomachs with food so they will no longer feel hungry while they fast on Ash Wednesday. It also comes with burning of old palm leaves or palaspas. The ashes of these burnt palm leaves are to be used for the Ash Wednesday the next day – the ash that’s being applied on the forehead of the parishioners.

Here are some of our pics- thanks JENNY for these since I wasn’t able to bring my cam because my memory card was broken! Enjoy!

The whole gang — and our background is– dyan dya ra ran– the restroom!

We love our face tattoos!
Foodies on the loose!!!

Our love for the wacky shot
Burnt palm leaves – prepping up for the ash wednesday

and yes, i need this shot ‘coz I need to show my sticker tattoo

with my friends of course!

So, there.

Hope you enjoyed this photo galore of how we celebrated Fat Tuesday. Have a meaningful Lenten everyone!



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