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February Photo Overload

December 2010. My camera died on me- or so I thought. I then realized I just needed to drop it off at service center. Why did it took me so long to realize I still have warranty?

Anyways, come early 2011. My camera was revived. Thanks NIKON for a wonderful customer service. Thanks so much. (Never had any headache at all when I came into your office.)

So, today, I just thought of sharing some of my indoor shots. Coz somehow, I am still recovering from traumatic event with my camera- I am still afraid to take it outdoors. So, I am using it more indoors lately.

So much for the ado, lets start the photo overload…

“Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman” is a collection of short stories written by Haruki Murakami. Oh my. I love this book!

Valentine chocolates from my beau, of course. February won’t pass without valentine presents!

After being listed on “re-shipments,” I finally got my BDJ lifestyle card. Yehey!

This is my obsession lately, Meiji’s Yan Yan. Inside, it has little bread sticks and a separate strawberry cream filling.

My lola never fails to amaze me with her green thumb. Her garden is filled with this flower. According to my brother who’s a Biology major, he said this flower is called “San Francisco.” I want to call her “Grandma’s Hat” – in relation to my Lola’s garden.

I finished this book. the movie. and all. I would definitely make a review on this one.

My latest lovelies from F21: Peacock Earrings. I can hear Keisha singing “Peacock-kak-kak…”

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