I sometimes back-out when I wanted to talk about my fave make-up. Maybe because I have this fear I might sound shallow. I’m also afraid I might appear pretentious, dumb, and finicky. Here in the Philippines, girls are expected to be simple and feminine. So, when they wear a bit of a color in their face, others would think of them as over-the-top. But you know what? I love make- up. I love coloring my face. So, I don’t care now if I would sound fake, I won’t deprive myself into something I love just because I let others put words into my own mouth.

Anyways, I just thought of creating a new segment on this blog where I would talk about my fave make up piece. So, there.

I would like to start with this:

This baby is my first product from Marks and Spencer. It’s an “eyeshadow trio” but I use it everyday for blush, highlighting, and contouring (OMG, I sounded like a pro when I say that one! hiihi). It looks more like a “blush” trio rather than eyeshadow trio ‘coz the pans are bigger than ordinary eyeshadow pans– more like the size of blush pans.

Though I think I am using it more as face colors, I think I can’t wholly forfeit its purpose as eyeshadow trio. I love this palette a lot ‘coz I could also switch it back to eyeshadow. Colors are very basic: PINK, PEACH, and BROWN, so I think this palette can go a long way.

Now, the cons. If you are not really into subtle, shimmery type of colors, this one’s not for you. As for me, I have nothing against its colors. I love just how those shimmer stays on my face for hours. So, if you are not really comfortable with having shimmer on your face, you prolly won’t love this one.

So, there. Just wanted to share a bit of my love for make-up. More to come, soon!


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