The Story Behind My Infected Cuticle

It all started when I gave my nails a manicure (all by myself) and I felt a stinging along my cuticles after that. The wound eventually dried out when I applied nail polish. After two days, I remove the polish with acetone, and admittedly, I was so hard on my cuticles, wanting to remove all the polish sticking all through the sides of my nails, and this caused the wound on my cuticles to re-wound (if there’s a term like that). The day after that, my cuticle started to become swollen, up unto my whole ring finger. The pain was bearable at first until I couldn’t take it anymore. The pain was horrible. Pus or nana started to become visible and my brother, who is a doctor by profession, decided to cut my ring finger open and drain all the pus out. I tell you, this seems to be an easy thing to read but you have no idea how much it caused me pain. I literally cried and OMG, it hurts so :effin: bad and as of this writing, I commit never to touch my nails ever again.

My bad. I am guilty of being too harsh on my body. This is not the first time I hurt myself out of my love to prettify. I remember having swollen eyelids because of mascara overuse. I also remember burning myself while using the hair iron. Well, sometimes girls just can’t get enough of doing things to be beautiful that they end up hurting their bodies. (I am thinking of cosmetic surgeries while writing that.) So, the lesson I learned in this event is to prioritize my care for my body, not just to make myself beautiful.


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