random thoughts

My 2011 New Year’s Resolutions

1. Obviously, will lose some weight. I feel like Bridget Jones when I wrote that. I gained so much weight this year, need to get rid of them this year. I plan to weigh at least 110 pounds this year. Hopefully, overeating will not mess upon me.
2. Be more of an entrepreneur than be an employee. Now, this is a goal that I really, really wanted to do this year. I don’t want to find another employment, I want to start being the employer. I believe I can accomplish this one.
3. Earn more and save more. I am never a savvy saver, but I have to change my attitude towards money this year. I have to start saving now or else, I will die poor. I don’t want to die poor. I want to be rich. ‘Coz I just realized that although money is not the most important thing in this world, it affects the most important things in my life – like my family and my community.
4. Have real connection with people. I have lots of acquaintances, from my place, to my church, to my work. This year, I don’t want to just gain acquaintances- I want to gain friends. I want to get to know people, see their aspirations.
5. Be more interested with responsibilities rather than privileges. I just realized that in order to be successful, one must not only be interested with privileges. One should always be ready to take on the challenges and responsibilities that come along with it.
6. Find job that I love. I am not really sure why I wrote this one. Maybe because I know that somewhere, a job that I would really love is still waiting for me.
7. More adventures and travels this year. I love traveling, and I want to have more of travels this year! Just cant get enough of new places to visit.
8. Buy more clothes and less make-up. Just cause I need more clothes than make up.
9. Use money for abundance rather than lifestyle. My brother and I were talking about money (yes, we are so cerebral that we talk about money stuff), and he said poor people use money to afford a lifestyle they want while rich people use money to afford “abundance.” Now, that’s a deep statement but very moving.
10. Read more books. Since my work entails a lot of reading, I find it hard to make reading a past time- get me? But, I know reading books is important so I must read more books– more books, more knowledge.


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