Coz they know I adore earrings!

As I have said in my former entry, I love bragging about the things given to me. It’s just that I feel like it’s my way of giving back to the giver. Today, I receive TWO pairs of HUGE earrings.. Here are they…

Tita Leny gave this to me as she promised me way back then that she would give me a pair of earrings. She’s an earring-lover as well and she’s not too shy to give me a compliment every time I would wear huge earrings like these. I so love the details on these earrings.

I will change the pictures of these once I have my DSLR back from the service center so you can see better the details. (edit: already got my DSLR back and now, I got you clear photos to look at.) It’s humongous! Definitely the largest earrings I ever had!

Here’s how it look under my hair…

Adorable, isn’t it?! Can’t say more than enough– I love em!!!

While I was screaming because of the excitement I felt upon receiving the earrings from Tita Leny, Annah Lu handed me down these pre-loved earrings! She had these earrings for a while and she thought of giving me these lovelies since she’s not really using them (she said they are too big for her delicate ears). So, there.. another earrings! and I fell in love again!

So, there. Just wanted to share my blessings!
Happy new year everyone!
God bless!


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