Nail Fetish

I remembered during the first month of 2010, I promised myself that I’m going to quit nail biting. It was a bad, gross, and boyish habit that I need to get rid off. Plus, I really wanted to have pretty hands coz when I sing in front of the crowd, I feel as if they could see my nails holding unto microphone. I don’t want my audience to get engrossed by my bitten nails. So, I made a vow that I’m not going to destroy my nails ever again!

At first, it was kinda hard for me ‘coz nail biting was one of the hardest habit to break. What I did then was I focused more on my intention to make my nails look healthy and beautiful. I focused on the positive side of breaking the habit rather than thinking of what Im letting go of. I started researching on how to make my nails grow faster and I was amazed how so many beauty gurus tackle nail care.

Slowly, my nails begin to have potential. I, then, started buying nail polishes. I started with these two.

Face Shop Pk 1106

Jocarste Nail Polish

After a year, aside from having tons of nail polishes, I should say that my nails are still on the process of being taken care of. I fall sometimes ‘coz once in a while I would pick on my cuticles and nails unconsciously. However, I always try to get back on my goals and care for my nails once again.

This 2011, I will still pursue this habit of taking care of my nails. I love it and Im going to make it healthier and lovelier this year.

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