BOOKMARK: Laugh with God Today by Michael Angelo Lobrin

Ive been meaning to do a post about this wonderful book but I never really had the time to do my entry. I bought this book when it was launched a few months ago in Feast Marilao (where he also delivered a talk). I am really a fan of Bro. Michael’s talks that’s why I never hesitated to buy his first book ever. Just like the talks of Bro. Michael, this book promises laughs and spiritual insights.

I can say that this book is really relaxing– like when you are frustrated and down, just get this book and you’ll be fine. Just as it has promised, this book will definitely give you laughs and smiles. Beware not to read this in front of strange crowd ‘coz others may think you are crazy or something while laughing reading the pages of the book. It touches the spiritual soul, gives you important teachings on faith, and it will leave you aiming for a sequel. Bro. Michael Angelo Lobrin writes this book as if he is just speaking to a crowd. He delivers his message in this book the way he delivers his talks. I was kind of not a fan of tag-lish style of his book- but I think that’s what makes this book a bit more like a talk from Bro.Michael.

What I really love about this book is the illustrations! The comic skits really made this book a champion. I love going back and forth on those comic skits just to give myself a pleasure of laughs. The skits made this book a cool and unique one as compared to other spiritual books which are often presented in plain texts.

I recommend this book if you are depressed or something coz this will definitely relax your mind and soul. I do not recommend this if you are looking for plain, serious teachings in spirituality, religion, and theology.

Can’t wait for the second ihip of this book!

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