random thoughts

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Mushy things coming up… Im sorry. It’s Christmas and I can’t help to be emotional.

Christmas is really a happy season. No doubt about that. Today, as I write this on Christmas dawn, I look at my own December and all I could conclude is that it is indeed a happy season. I now believe that Christmas is a season of giving because Christ continues to give Himself to us. I believe He continues to give us happiness and love- the reason why we have a happy Christmas. I used to hear this from preachers, but I am saying this because I realized it myself.

I do not have masters in theology but I’m kind of thinking whether God really planned to send His Son to humankind for us to have something to celebrate each year. ‘Coz you see, what kind of December do we have now if God didn’t send His Son- and we do not have any Christmas to celebrate. Funny thinking, eh?

Aside from the usual “giving-receiving” feel of Christmas, what I really love about Christmas is that it rekindles relationships. With gift or no gift, Christmas gives you the reason to reconnect. It’s our chance to greet each other and say “Hey, Merry Christmas!”. It allows us to smile at each other and share the happiness we feel. Isn’t that amazing? No other holiday can do that! Ayt?

I realized that Christmas itself is a gift from God. It is His proof of His love.

I wish everyone would have a meaningful Christmas. I am saying this not because it has been said over and over again during Christmas but because this is what I really feel inside my heart.


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