Get well soon, my d40.

I have always loved lenses. When I was in college, I used to be the videographer in our group, creating movies and the like. There is something about peeking through the lenses and framing a subject. So, when I had the chance, I bought my first DSLR back in April 2009–and since then, I never really stopped loving my d40. The more I get to know its features, the more I fell in love with it.

That is why I became devastated when after one year and 8 months, my camera became sick. The shutter’s encountering some error and I tried everything I thought possible just to bring back its efficiency. I tried resetting, cleaning the lens, researching through google…everything. But nothing really helped my camera. To my dismay, the error became permanent and I ended up being frustrated because of my sick camera. I was afraid- so afraid in fact- to realize that it DIED on me and I cannot do anything with it. I was also afraid to realize that I AM BROKE and I have nothing in my pocket to support its hospitalization. I know it would COST me a lot so I just shrugged off the thought of bringing it to service center.

A special person in my life INSISTED that I should bring my d40 to service center. I told him I don’t have any money and I told him what’s the point- it’s just a hobby anyways of some poor, frustrated photographer. He, then, answered me back and told me “YOU SHOULD BRING IT TO BE FIXED BECAUSE IT HURTS TO SEE YOU BEING DEVASTATED EVERYTIME YOU SEE SOMEONE HAVE THEIR CAMERAS IN THEIR HANDS.” I was stunned. I thought I am a good actress, pretending I don’t care if my d40 died on me. I never realized that a camera can bring happiness and loneliness in my life – just like I never believed that you should cry when your dog died. I never realized that the more I say that my camera died on me, the more I suckle into self-pity and envy.

After getting away with my own denial that my camera is sick, I need to face now the real problem and find a way how to GET MONEY, coz I know bringing my camera to a service center will cost me big time. I don’t know how but I knew I just have to have the power to attract resources so I can bring my camera to the hospital. So, on that night, I prayed to GOD that HE may help me get my camera fixed. I have always believed that GOD answers prayers specially if the prayers come from the heart ‘coz somehow those prayers came from Him. With tears in my eyes, I told Him how much I miss my camera.

In the morning after I uttered that prayer, I had a nice breakfast with my mother. While we were chatting, she asked me how’s my camera. I told her it’s not yet fixed. She asked me if it is still covered by WARRANTY. I told her I am not sure… Then- something flashed through my mind like a glittering star. THAT’S IT. I rushed in my room, searched under my bed for the NIKON PAPER BAG. Inside were piles of CD’s, manuals and…. RECEIPT… Finger crossed, I opened the receipt and I never felt so relieved in my entire life… MY D40 IS STILL UNDER WARRANTY.

MY BAD. I thought I had a one year warranty. NIKON was so generous – they gave me TWO YEARS WARRANTY. I was four months early before my warranty expires. God must have heard my prayers- I was so excited, I called Nikon Service Center right away and the next thing I know is that the Nikon representative was already packing my d40 and off it goes to fixing place…

I still have to wait till January 2011 since my d40 needs a lot of fixing to do. Can’t wait till my d40 is fine and dandy again.

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