Things I want to buy but I wont

My hands are practically itching right now coz I just wanna spend all my money right away. My mind’s been bombarded with the list of things I want to buy, things I want to have. Oh-eM-FREAKING-Geee!!! This is bad. One of my goal is :: SAVE RATHER THAN SPEND THIS CHRISTMAS. I HAVE TO START LIVING FRUGALLY. But with all the sales going on around and my pocket filled with thirteenth month pay, I can’t really help but to crave and crave and crave!

First thing, MAYBELLINE sale! I so love Maybelline products. Inexpensive but definitely not cheap. This sale has been going on since last week, and I already have my fair share of their sale-A watershine pure lipstick. I told myself that I would just buy one product from their sale. Just one. Coz my heart would die literally if Im not gonna be a part of their sale. So, I bought a lipstick from their watershine collection, and I really heart it. But. but and but– after a week, my heart began to lust over their mascaras and eye liners and the pink wink eyestudio quad… and… Ok. Enough. You know what I mean. I am salivating right now… just thinking bout their products makes me want to fly straight to the mall. BUT BUT BUT- I am not so buying make up! I STILL HAVE ENOUGH! Oh- Gawd. This is hard- but I have to. Frugality is sacrifice– AND NOT BUYING MAKE UP WHEN I WANT TO IS REALLY A SACRIFICE FOR ME! Tiis tiis. I know I can do this.

Second thing, FOREVER21 BOOTS FOR ONLY 775. I know I should have this one. I just know it. It’s like the perfect gift I could have for myself. That boots would look perfect on my feet- that boots would definitely look cool when I sing in front of the crowd. That’s it. Im gonna have to have that- as a present for myself. It’s Christmas. I should not deprive myself. FRUGALITY BELLS are ringing inside my head. “Just this one,” I told myself. Just this one. Im gonna go later to F21- and that’s my final decision.. (just this one. forgive me.)
After an hour of thinking, I finally convinced myself I dont need this. Pants or running shoes are way better to buy than these boots. It’s cute but inappropriate for my tropical country. Ayt? — hope I could convince myself forever!!

Third thing, BELLE DE JOUR PLANNER. Now what! I already have my planner. I already have tons and tons of planners and notebooks – why do I need this one? Because this is the perfect planner for me. It is so me… so meeeeee! Successfully- I convinced myself Im not gonna buy this planner. Im just gonna have to ask my boyfie if he wanted to give me one. If he dont, then, I might have to stick to my planner. 600peso planner is not really practical- but I believe it is a perfect gift I might receive from someone. My boyfie will give me one- I just have to hope.

My hands may be itchy- but my mind is clear now. I am poor that I might learn to be wise.

I hope I could last this frugality thing…


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