My first Christmas present for 2010

I love to brag about the things given to me. That’s one quality I cannot deny. Everyone knows that when I receive something from someone- and I say ANYTHING- I would always appear like some kind of a child in a candy store, and I would tell everyone about that gift.

So, now, just let me brag on this thing because this is really something special to me. Today, I received my first christmas present for the year. I love it.. and I love the person who gave it to me.

This is my newest lippie: Avon’s Smooth Mineral Lipstick in Pink Quartz. I wanted this article to be much of FIRST EVER LIP PRODUCT REVIEW, but I decided to just call it PERSONAL INSIGHT because first of all, my review would be bias because its a present from my MOTHER. (If that makes any sense). Second of all, its a CHRISTMAS PRESENT. Why would I criticize a GIFT, more so if it is a CHRISTMAS GIFT- and if that’s not enough- IT’S A CHRISTMAS GIFT FROM MY MOTHER??

So, here’s my love for my newest lippy!

1. IT IS REALLY, REALLY MOISTURIZING. One good thing about Avon lipsticks- especially the expensive ones- is that they are really moisturizing on the lips. This lipstick is really creamy on the lips so you would not have that dry feeling. It’s not sticky. I can compare this lipstick to Maybelline’s.

2. NICE LIGHT PINK SHADE, VERY SUBTLE. This, I believe, is the lightest pink lipstick I have in my make-up kit. This is perfect if I wanted to try a more daring eyelook. It doesn’t really isolate my lips from my face like most light lipsticks do. Perfect for my skin tone, it gives my lips that sudden sexiness and simplicity at the same time.

3. NICE PACKAGING. Very sophisticated packaging. There is also an engraved “AVON” on the main lipstick. I love it. I feel so SHALA with this.

4. SPARKLES SPARKLES- PERFECT. Once you put it on, you would definitely see sparkles on your lips. What I love about this baby is that it is not too ostentatious.(Thanks to my boyfie for that word.) Some sparkly lippies tend to get too much and sometimes annoying attention from the people around you.You know- those times when you are wearing light sparkly lipstick and the person you are talking to is not really looking at your eyes but looking at your lips. It can be annoying right? So, that’s what I love about this lipstick. It is sparkly but NOT ANNOYING at all. It camouflages behind my whole face. Perfect.

5.MINERAL MAKE UP. Im not really a fan of mineral make up. But it is a plus to know that this lipstick is made out of minerals.

For you who wanted to try this lipstick, you may go to But be aware though, because the color presented in the brochure is not really the color of the lipstick.

So, how bout you? Have you received your first Christmas present ever? Who gave it to you? Or maybe you want to talk about your favorite lipstick or mineral make up… You may comment below or give me a tag in my tagboard.


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