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No gender-bias statement

If you still do not know, I am currently working as an Editorial Assistant in a publishing company. I edit manuscripts, and even if my relationship with my job is a love-and-hate-relationship, there ARE still things I find adorable in my job.

One thing I like to talk about is my love for this rule: AVOID GENDER-BIASED STATEMENT.

This means we should not say “his or her”. We should say “her or his” in a sentence. The rule is basically to alphabetically arrange those two pronouns. So, when referring to HE/SHE, HE should come first. When referring to HER/HIM, HER should come first.

“A child should learn how to treat HER or HIS friends warmly.”
“A student will never learn if HE or SHE will not study.”

What I really like about this rule is that it gives the equality between two sexes. Arranging them alphabetically is a pretty fair thing to do when using both sexes in a sentence. Back then, we used to just say “HIS” when referring to non-particular noun/pronoun. It then became HIS OR HER to take away the bias in using HIS alone. Then, somehow, someone thought that there is still gender-bias in using HIS OR HER since pronouns pertaining to men (like HIS, HIM, and HE) always come first before pronouns pertaining to women. So, everybody agreed that alphabetically arranging them is the best to avoid gender-biased statement.

Cool, right? Not only do we hear “gender equality” in movies and political speeches, but in editing world as well.


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