random thoughts

New year, new life!

Julie Pearl Sales: what’s your plans for 2010?
Che Hilario: 2010 plans! a ton!

Julie and I had a chat today and she asked me ’bout my plans this 2010. Got so many things in my mind- actually! Been looking forward for this coming year– I can’t wait to say bye bye to 2009 and say hello to 2010. One of the best things about new year (aside from the food and fireworks) is that you will have the chance to reflect on your past life and create a plan for your future. With this, I decided to lay down some of my plans, goals and resolution for the year 2010.

1. Never ever make a decision out of intuition. This 2010, I wanted to be more intelligent when it comes to decision- making. I realized that the my misfortunes are caused by my wrong moves- wrong decisions– especially decisions I made out of intuition. So, this year, I want to have that “think-before-you-act-attitude.” Need to weigh the pros and cons before making any move– especially when it comes to career and money!

2. Quit nail biting- which is basically a pretty disgusting addiction! Want to have that “french tips”- and girly finger tips like Elle in legally blonde! And someone told me that this is a habit of an insecure person- so I realized that quitting nail biting is also quiting the feeling of insecurity.

3. Obviously, will lose WEIGHT!!! How? First- by having a record of my food intake. Second, by visiting sauna once in a while- which is basically good for losing weight while making the skin look replenished. Third, doing some photography jogging- which is basically good for losing weight while learning photography. Fourth, visiting the gym- of which Im not sure coz I do not know anything bout gym- but might as well try this which I feel is good not only for losing weight but also good for flirting (of which I might lose not only weight but my other half as well)

4. Treat OPPORTUNITY as GOLD– This year, I want to be more brave when it comes to facing “opportunities”. I realized that I have let opportunities flew out of FEAR and ANXITIES. So now, I want to take consideration each opportunity that will come along my way.

5. Create an emergency fund! (Pagsumikapang makapag ipon ng emergency fund– importante kasi ito sa buhay!)By the end of the year- dapat may emergency fund ako! Tapos!

6. Invest. Want to try investing for me to learn more about finances. Don’t know yet where and how, but I’ll try.

So, these are just some of my resolutions. Am praying that this 2010- God will give me success in my career and my financial life. Been through so much, I want this year to be my year. God bless us all this new year!


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