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Korean Sauna and Spa

It’s a good thing I went at Glena’s place that I had the chance to go to Sauna for the first time in my life! All I wanted was to visit them this christmas. What I didn’t know was they were already looking for me (calling by dead-bat cellphone) to come along to Sauna. Tita Annie, Glena’s mother will pay all the bills so I was so ecstatic the moment I heard of it! Tita Weng, who was working there as supervisor, was working there as a supervisor so she assisted us there.

(in this photo: Me, Tita Weng, and Glena)

So, just like a “feeling shala,” we went straight ahead to Makati Golf Club where LASEMA Sauna and Spa is located.

I was shocked when we came aboard the place. When Tita Weng said “you need to first take a shower,” she meant take off all your clothes. Yes, indeed, we needed to take shower NAKED. I became more shocked when a naked girl appeared in the dressing room as if no one’s gonna see her whole bumps. I was shocked coz all girls in the shower room were naked. But of course, girls and boys were separated. You needed to take a long cubicle walk before getting through girls’ shower room so there’s no way a boy might be peeking somewhere. It was an awkward feeling at first since I needed to take off my clothes in front of these strangers but I felt more awkward knowing I was the only one who will go to shower room in full clothes.

Shower room is a huge room composed of different types of bathing style including ordinary shower, shower host with seats, and three SUPER DUPER HOT small swimming pools with different temperature. I love the latter coz you can choose between three temperature, 27, 37 and 40. Those pools also have ginseng mixed in so the water smells so good. Obviously, 40 is so hot but Glena and I stayed there for a while. It was hard at first coz I feel like it would tore down my skin because of the heat. Cant get in the 40 degree water at first coz OMG, it was so hot! I would soak my body slowly- and I mean SLOOOWWWLLLYY… just to give my body the chance to adjust first to the whole hot swimming pool. Later on, while staying longer on the water, I felt more relaxed. Especially when Tita Weng opened the bubbles in our pool… OMG,,, it was so relaxing! When Glena and I were already all soaked in 40degree water, we were chillin and relaxin and yes… this is life! Then there’s also a sauna room- super hot room! You will just sit in this room and let your body sweat so it could detoxify. This room smells good so it’s very relaxing. It was indicated that the aromatic smell came from “wormwood” and natural elements of which the room was filled. After going back and fort to sauna and pool, we put on our “sauna” style tshirt and shorts and off we go to more sauna rooms.

After shower and dressing up, we went straight ahead to “jim jil bang”- which means the “korean style sauna and spa.” Jim Jil bang is composed of four rooms– “Chungito,” “Oak and Clay,” “Salt Charcoal,” and the “Ice Room.” The idea is basically just to go to one room to another, no rules. Stay in one room for three minutes then go to another and another and another. I also had a taste of the egg cooked inside those sauna rooms (yes, steamed egg that is). There is something about that egg that made it so delicious, and that something is that it was cooked for whole eight hours. Aint that amazing? There’s also a small Internet corner where you can rent PCs and surf the net. And there’s this huge TV there placed in a roomy sala. I also wanted to read those magazines all trashed out on the floor but they were all koreans so I just shrugged the thought of it. There are also small igloos there where you can just sleep in.

(Click here to see more photos)

Glena and I fell asleep and it was really a super duper deep sleep. I felt like I slept for three nights! When we woke up, we just ate some noodles, hang on there for a while, and off we went home.

I will definitely be going back to this place!


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