Pamaypay (FAN) Festival

I felt like a real achiever when the Award as Champions of Pamaypay Festival Dance Contest was finally in my shivering hands. After the awarding, Bro. James asked me if I imagined that this event will happen. I affirmed him with a huge “yes.” I told him, I imagined everything- from costumes to makeup, from dance steps to formation. I have always believed we will win this thing. I told him that my faith with my dancers grew stronger day by day.

(in this photo: kuya james and chieche)

When I learned that Charismatic Community, my spiritual group, will join Pamaypay Festival Dance Contest in our parish, I felt excited. But my excitement was splashed with anxiety when I heard that I am being pinpointed to be the choreographer of the group. First and foremost, it has been years since I last danced, and my dance steps are already outdated, how the heck will I create a dance routine? Second, I also need to review my skills on how to handle a dance troup. Third, I hate the feeling of being compared to hired choreographer that my spiritual group used to have. Fourth, I don’t know if I can handle the title of defending their title as last year’s champions.

(in this photo: Charismatic Community’s Award as the Champion of 2009 Pamaypay Festival in San Juan dela Cruz Parish. Hurrah!!!)

All in all, at first, I was frightened by the responsibility of being a leader. I was afraid of comparison, criticism, judgments. Most of all, I was afraid of my own self. I was afraid I am not enough for my own expectations.

Charismatic Community helped me through the process. If I have faith in my dancers, that is because my dancers have so much faith in me. I know that when they are saying my name, I can sense respect. It’s that sense of feeling that these kids will not let me go whatever circumstances may be. I have seen in their eyes that their spirit is there, they have the courage to show their talents. I felt through them that they “needed” not only a choreographer but a leader as well. I felt their needs to have someone to guide them, someone who will teach them how to be winners.All my anxieties faded when I saw that opportunity to be that someone to these people. I saw my own chance to show them different values in life through dancing.

Its not all smooth sailing though. First, I have to smoothen out the concept. Since it was a Pamaypay Festival, I know that this will include battle of colors! My first idea was “fusion of nation” wherein national dances from different countries will be presented. The problem with this concept was it sounded like “united nations” number.

While polishing the concept, there is this one song that I knew would be in the finale. It was the “rainsong” from the Imago Band. I thought this would be the song to be danced by all nations as finale. As sure as I was that this song’s gonna be in the number, I tried to get some help from my dancers and other dancers that I knew. I let my dancers give me inputs.
Our concept became clear when one dancer told me that our number lacks “story”. He made a very good point I believe. So, I started thinking of a nice story to tell. I was kind of good with telling stories so I know this will be a lot of fun. Then, I kind of noticed this little girl who loved to join us in our rehearsal. She was like an extra but she didn’t mind. I let her join the rehearsal because she was a really good dancer for her age. Slowly, along with concepts and choreography, everything fell on its place. I finally thought of our concept!
“A story of a girl who planted seeds, and prayed that the WIND might blow life to these seeds so that they would grow into a beautiful plant. I made the dancers as representation of ELEMENT OF WIND. So, their pamaypay dance made sense because they are the elements of wind!
With that concept, all went down smoothly. I thought of tablooh, liftings, drama-drama, and others. When I need to think, I didnt think. What I did was I watched movies, read books and magazines, browse the Internet, and more. I just knew that ideas will come at the right place at the right time. It took me a long while to think of the design of their fans.
Eventually, after googling dozens and dozens of fans, I saw this huge and colorful fan, so I thought of getting that inspiration. We did not have any propsmen so we were also the ones who created our fans. Hand in hand, we finished all our fans with our bare hands beautifully! I believe amongst the contestants, ours are the most beautiful!

(in this photo: COLORFUL PAMAYPAY)

With costumes, I let my dancers be resourceful enough to find their own tights, accessories, socks, gloves, and rubber shoes. I focused more on buying the cloth for their bahag. The truth is, I want to teach my dancers how to be independent. I noticed that they became dependent over the years of having a hired choreographer. In that case, the choreographer provided them with costumes and props. This time, I want them to get involved. I don’t want them to just learn how to dance from me. I want them to learn how to be responsible and resourceful. I told them that if they can’t provide for their own costume, then, they have no right to dance. When someone would complain they have no resources, I would compare her/him to another dancer who was able to provide for herself or himself.

(In this photo: Aya, the child star and the charismatic dancers)

I also focused on their attitude and spirituality. I wanted for them to offer their gifts to God who is the source of their talents. I want to prove them somehow the power of prayer and faith. So, before and after rehearsal we would pray- asking for God’s guidance – and asking Him audaciously to bring us to champions’ place. While teaching them the dance steps, I also had the chance to give them insights about respect to others- respect to your codancers and to your elders. I thought them about team work, about being a “team”- and helping each other to reach their goals. I told them them since they are wonderful dancers, they would definitely meet wonderful choreographers who would teach them wonderful dance steps. But I want to be someone who will not only teach them wonderful steps but wonderful attitude as well. I want to inculcate things they can use not only during the performance but after the performace and all through their life as well.

As for me, I learned a lot. First, self-belief. It is such an easy thing to say “Believe in yourself” but to actually do it is the hardest part. I realized self-love is important so you could give your talent to others. I realized that the greatest gift on that night wasn’t the award I was holding in my hands but the friendship, wisdom, and leadership I gained on the entire time I was teaching the kids. I also learned that Napoleon Hill is right, when you conceive it, you can achieve it.
And the most important thing I’ve learned is that God hears our prayer no matter how small or big it may seem. Everytime we would start our rehearsal, I would ask God not only to bless our dance, but to bless the lives of my dancers. And as I hold the award in my hand, I know that God has heard the dreams of my dancers and my own dreams as well.

Congrats sa SJDC Charismatic Dancers! WE DID IT!!!!!!

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